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Company History


In 2001
Company ozone business started
In 2003
Independently developed enamel discharge tube came out
In 2005
The company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification
In 2009
It was identified as "high-tech enterprise" by Department of Science and Technology of Shandong Province, Department of Finance of Shandong Province, State Taxation Bureau of Shandong Province and Local Taxation Bureau of Shandong Province, and established as "Jinan Ozone Application Engineering Technology Research Center" after the review of Science and Technology Bureau of Jinan City.
In 2010
The company independently developed 30kg/h large ozone generator won the "High-tech Innovation Award of Shandong Province"
In 2011
The company obtained the research and development support fund of "Adjustable Large Ozone Generator" project of drinking water safety guarantee technology and equipment of the Ministry of Science and Technology, which will provide reliable technical support for the major science and technology special project of "National water pollution control and treatment"
In 2012
The company and the School of Energy and Power Of Shandong University jointly established the stinky oxygen denitration, VOCs volatile organic compounds treatment research center;
In 2014
Shandong Hengtai Tangshan thermoelectric 3*130t/h boiler ozone oxidation out of stock project in cooperation with Shandong University Energy power College passed the acceptance of environmental protection department, opened the coal boiler ozone oxidation out of stock industry
In 2017
The company acquired 100% equity and 53,000 square meters production base of AOweisen (Shandong) Membrane Technology Co., LTD., marking a new level of the company in the field of environmental protection.
In 2020
The company's 2 150KG/H ozone generators in Tangshan Yanshan Iron and Steel smooth operation, this equipment is the largest single ozone generator equipment in China
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