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What is an ozone system and how does an ozone generator work


Ozone system

Ozone system integration consists of ozone generator, control system, cooling water system, testing instruments, etc. The oxygen provided by the buyer is tested by the dew point, and then enters the ozone generator, the precision filter, and the decompression and stabilization, and then enters the ozone generating chamber. In the ozone generating chamber, part of the oxygen is transformed into ozone through medium-frequency high-voltage discharge, and the product gas is output from the ozone outlet after monitoring and adjustment of temperature, pressure and flow. There is an ozone gas inlet on the ozone generation chamber. The ozone concentration detector is equipped with the ozone generator to monitor the gas concentration of the ozone generator online, and the ozone output is calculated through the control system.

A safety valve is designed on the intake pipe of the ozone generator, which opens when the system pressure exceeds the design value to ensure the safety of the system. The ozone workshop is equipped with an ozone leak alarm and an oxygen leak alarm to monitor when the ozone and oxygen leaks in the equipment room exceed the standard.

The ozone generator adopts the international advanced intermediate frequency discharge technology, with CPU core control inside, designed with soft start and soft unloading functions, and can smoothly adjust the input power of the ozone generator to achieve 10%-100% adjustment of ozone production, Minimize the buyer's running costs.

A 10% margin is left for the discharge tube in the ozone generator. The ozone reaction tank of each generator is made of 316L stainless steel, which meets the relevant standards of environmentally friendly ozone generators.

Ozone generation process principle

The core of the ozone generator adopts the advanced dielectric barrier double-gap discharge technology. The raw material gas flow passes through the narrow gap between the insulating medium and the high-voltage electrode and between the insulating medium layer and the grounding electrode of the ozone generator tank. The high-voltage electric field between the two sides discharges, converts the passing oxygen into ozone, and the ozone generation efficiency is high.
In industry, corona discharge method is generally used, and its principle:

Ozone generator technical features
      The most important part of the ozone generator is the ozone discharge tube. Our company adopts the international advanced patented ozone discharge tube. The equipment is made of high-quality ozone corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel material, made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), which improves the long-term reliable operation of the system. The number of discharge tubes is designed with a 10% margin to offset the reduction in efficiency caused by unforeseen discharge tube contamination.

The ozone generator is installed in the form of horizontal installation, and the ozone generator can be directly placed on the foundation, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.

The ozone generator has been installed with pipes, valves, instruments and cables before leaving the factory, and the complete system has completed all technical index tests at the factory. The ozone generator is designed to operate continuously for 24 hours.

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