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Six advantages of ozone generator sterilization


Six advantages of ozone generator sterilization

1. Fast sterilization.

Ozone mainly uses its strong oxidizing properties to sterilize. This sterilization process is completed in an instant, and the sterilization speed is many times faster than that of disinfectants such as chlorine.

2. Broad-spectrum sterilization

Ozone is a broad-spectrum bactericide that can not only kill the propagules, spores, viruses, fungi, protozoa and other microorganisms of harmful bacteria, but also kill and destroy botulinum toxins, toxins and rickettsia.

3. High sterilization efficiency

Ultraviolet disinfection has problems such as short sterilization distance, weak sterilization ability, dead angle, and low sterilization efficiency. Ozone is a gas. After the ozone generator is generated, it can quickly spread to the food workshop, office area and other places that need to be sterilized, and can avoid the dead space problem of sterilization.

4. Environmental protection and hygiene

After ozone disinfection, it will be quickly decomposed into oxygen, leaving no residue and no secondary pollution. It is an environmentally friendly disinfectant.

5. Simple operation.

Ozone sterilization equipment can be installed in indoor or central air conditioning systems, air purification systems, and large-scale sterilization equipment. The sterilization time of ozone sterilization equipment can be automatically set according to the concentration and time required for sterilization, which is easy to operate. However, the sterilization time with epoxyacetic acid, acetic acid and formaldehyde is longer.

6. Affordable.

The ozone generator is simple to use and can be used by plugging in the power supply, without complicated operations or professional use, which can save the wages of employees. At the same time, the energy consumption of the ozone generator is relatively small.

Second, the use of ozone generator precautions

1. Usually, the ozone generator is powered by high frequency and high voltage. Ozone generators should not be used in environments with conductors or explosive media.

2. When using an ozone generator, the gas should not contain hydrocarbons, corrosive gases and any other substances that can react in an oxygen/ozone/corona environment. These substances can cause damage to the ozone generator and may lead to safety incidents such as explosions.

3. If the sanitation of the workplace is poor, it will affect the use effect of the ozone generator. When the ozone generator and its device are used in a gas environment with high humidity or impurities and high oil content, it is easy to be polluted by dirt or stains, thereby affecting the amount of ozone and reducing the disinfection effect of ozone.

4. The ozone generator should be cleaned in time after one year of use. When designing the ozone generator, the equipment factory should consider the convenience of equipment replacement to facilitate the maintenance of the equipment.

5. When designing a water-cooled ozone generator, the possibility of a large amount of water entering the generator must be prevented. If the float valve used in a water-sealed air supply compressor or the condensate valve on an air dryer becomes clogged, it will cause corona concentration, high current density and localized dielectric heating, leading to premature dielectric failure.

6. Reasonably control the change of air supply pressure. Air pressure will affect corona power induction and the voltage applied to the dielectric, and a wide range of pressure changes will cause unreliable operation of the generator. Exceeding the corona power range will cause the fuse or automatic circuit breaker to open. If the peak value of the applied voltage is exceeded, the dielectric will fail prematurely.

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