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How an oxygen concentrator works


When the blood oxygen of the lung patients drops, the general doctor will recommend the patient to go back for oxygen therapy. The so-called oxygen therapy is to supplement and improve blood oxygen content through oxygen inhalation. The hospital has a special pipeline for oxygen inhalation through the hospital bed, but there is no such condition at home. Generally, either rent an oxygen cylinder or buy an oxygen machine. As I said before in the use of oxygen cylinders or oxygen machines, home oxygen therapy is generally recommended. Another is safety. Then someone will ask what is the principle of oxygen production mechanism? So some people will ask what is the principle of oxygen production mechanism? So today let's talk about the principle of the oxygen generator. 

Oxygen production mechanism Oxygen belongs to physical oxygen production, and oxygen cylinders or oxygen used in industry are generally chemical oxygen production, chemical oxygen production is to produce oxygen through chemical reactions, physical oxygen production is to use physical principles to produce oxygen, oxygen production mechanism The principle of oxygen is to use molecular sieves to remove nitrogen in the air to achieve the purpose of oxygen production. We know that nitrogen in the air accounts for 78%, oxygen accounts for 21%, oxygen plus nitrogen accounts for 99% of the total air, and the rest is 1% of the rare gas, in theory, as long as the nitrogen in the air is filtered out, the rest should be close to 100% pure oxygen, because the rare gas only accounts for a small part, and the oxygen generator uses this principle to make it. Oxygen, the following is a picture to explain in detail what a process of oxygen production mechanism oxygen is.

First, the air is filtered by a two-stage filter and then enters the compressor to be pressurized. After the air is pretreated, the dust, impurities and moisture in the air are removed, and then cooled to room temperature by the radiator. The treated air enters the molecular sieve through the control valve. , Since the air is the nitrogen in the pressurized air, the nitrogen in the air is adsorbed in the process of passing through the molecular sieve, and the oxygen in the air is not absorbed and collected. When the nitrogen adsorbed by the molecular sieve adsorption tower is saturated, the control valve will close the intake air. Open the exhaust valve and discharge nitrogen into the air. The oxygen generator uses this cycle to achieve the purpose of oxygen generation. Friends who have seen the oxygen generator may know that the oxygen generator will have intake and exhaust during operation. The sound of gas, in fact, this sound is a process of the oxygen generator filtering and discharging nitrogen.

Since the oxygen process of the oxygen production mechanism is a physical phenomenon, the maximum oxygen output pressure of the oxygen generator is between 0.2-0.3Mpa, so it is different from the danger of high pressure in the oxygen cylinder, and the general life of the molecular sieve can reach 10,000-20,000 hours, so Oxygen concentrators can be plugged in and use, and have a long service life. It is more economical and safer to use for a long time than oxygen cylinders.

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