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What is Electrolytic Ozone Generator


What is Electrolytic Ozone Generator

Electrolytic ozone generator is a kind of electrolytic water oxygen production equipment. It takes tap water as the working raw water, generates oxygen and ozone through water electrolysis under the action of DC electric field, and then directly delivers to users after removing impurities, odor, residual chlorine and other harmful substances in water through activated carbon filtration device.

Electrolytic ozone generator is an oxygen generator based on the principle of Electrolytic oxidation reaction. Its working principle is to connect an electrolyte solution (usually ferrous sulfate) in series in the external circuit as the anode, with air or oxygen as the cathode, and a micro cell system with high concentration of active oxygen is formed between the two poles when the power is turned on; the other two ends of the external circuit are connected with the control circuit and output electrode (i.e. external).

When the current is introduced into the system, the cathode and anode will respectively take on different electrons and undergo redo x reactions to release oxygen; at the same time, the anode will be negative to produce a certain amount of ozone gas. The product is mainly composed of four parts: high pressure discharge electrode plate, diaphragm pump, gas storage cylinder and control system.

1、High-voltage discharge electrode plate High-voltage discharge electrode plate is made of glass fiber cloth impregnated with epoxy resin adhesive electrode plate with uniform distribution of high-voltage electrostatic field.

2、Diaphragm pump Diaphragm pump is made of imported high-quality oil-resistant rubber material with high wear resistance and long service life

3、Gas storage bottle set Gas storage bottle set is made of polyethylene PE plastic material injection molding by high temperature vulcanization treatment and has the advantages of high strength, light weight, small volume, easy to use, etc.

4、Controller Adopt advanced single-chip computer control technology can complete the function of self-test fault alarm data storage, etc.

5、Auxiliary parts.

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