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VPSA oxygen generator Supplier - VPSA Oxygen System


VPSA oxygen generator-VPSA Oxygen System

The VPSA oxygen system consists of a blower, vacuum pump, switching valve, adsorber and oxygen buffer tank. The raw air is filtered through the inlet filter to remove dust particles and then pressurised to 0.45barg by a roots blower and enters one of the adsorbers. The adsorbent is filled with adsorbent, in which water, carbon dioxide and a small amount of other gas components are adsorbed at the entrance of the adsorber by the activated alumina at the bottom, followed by ammonia by the zeolite molecular sieve at the top of the activated alumina. VPSA oxygen production equipment is widely used in steel making, blast furnace oxygen enrichment, glass kilns, waste water treatment and other enterprises with large quantities of oxygen, the system uses a double tower low pressure adsorption vacuum desorption process, high efficiency lithium-based oxygen molecular sieve, high utilization rate of molecular sieve, low energy consumption. The service life of the molecular sieve is guaranteed to be more than 10 years. Adopt special technology mechanical compression device, to ensure that the molecular sieve in the adsorption tower without screwing, to avoid the pulverization of molecular sieve. In terms of control, the PLC control cabinet plus the control mode of the bit machine is used, which is fully automatic and single key to drive and stop automatically. The upper computer controls the opening and stopping, process display and parameter display alarm. And in the control cabinet set open and stop button and emergency stop button, all imported high-performance butterfly valve, double eccentric, PTFE seal, with our company's long-cycle process

Advantages of VPSA technology

1. Low power consumption for oxygen production, low energy consumption for operation;
2. PLC intelligent program controller, easy to operate, stable operation;
3. High degree of automation, convenient start-up and shutdown, few operators;
4. High stability and safety of operation;.
5. Adopt original imported oxygen molecular sieve, superior performance, long service life.

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