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Ten years of experience tell you how to choose a home oxygen machine principle updated on October 3


Ten years of experience tell you how to choose a home oxygen machine oxygen inhaler, complete guide, with pit prevention guide, oxygen machine principle updated on October 3

Hello everyone, I have been a medical device salesperson for many years. I have been in contact with front-line patients for a long time. I have seen many patients and their families purchase oxygen generators and their conditions have deteriorated. This article is featured in this article.

1. What are the standards of the oxygen generator

The national standards for medical oxygen generators include power failure, temperature, low oxygen concentration alarm, noise, oxygen concentration, output pressure (flow rate), continuous working ability, indicator light, air tightness, etc. The following picture is an oxygen generator. technical parameter.

As an ordinary consumer, the standard you often look at is the flow rate and oxygen concentration, because the compressor and molecular sieve are the core of the oxygen production flow and oxygen concentration, and they are also the most expensive parts of the manufacturer.

2, the working principle of oxygen generator

The oxygen generator adopts the adsorption performance of molecular sieve, and uses the oil-free compressor as the driving force to separate nitrogen and oxygen in the air through physical principles, and finally obtain high-concentration oxygen.

3. Understand the accessories of oxygen generator

The core hardware of the oxygen generator is compressor, molecular sieve, four-way valve, filter, heat dissipation and noise reduction system.

The quality of the compressor determines the continuous working ability of the oxygen generator, the molecular sieve determines the oxygen production efficiency of the oxygen generator, the four-way valve is a nitrogen and oxygen exchanger, the filter is divided into 1-3 levels to remove impurities, and the radiator It is good for the life of the machine, and the muffler system determines the noise level.

Compressor: Determines the continuous operation performance of the oxygen generator.

Molecular sieve: It determines the efficiency and purity of oxygen production. The market is mainly French lithium-based molecular sieve and American molecular sieve.
Talking about the difference between the two molecular sieves, the conversion efficiency of the American sodium sieve is not as good as that of the lithium sieve, but it is stable; the French lithium sieve produces oxygen quickly, but it is easy to get wet, and the molecular sieve fails.

The function of the four-way valve: there are a total of 4 holes, connecting the molecular sieve molecular sieve, the compressor, the cooling copper pipe, and the exhaust pipe. The function is to retain oxygen, exclude nitrogen, and keep the machine continuously supplied with oxygen.

If your machine is turned on and the compressor can run normally, but the molecular sieve is not working (alternating sound), it is likely that the four-way valve is damaged.

Filter: Divided into 1-3 filters,

The first level is a washable sponge body, with relatively large holes, which play a primary role in filtering air impurities.

The second stage is the filter core paper with higher density, with smaller pores, which can filter the finer impurities in the air.

The third level is the oxygen outlet filter, which is fixed inside the machine and cannot be replaced by ordinary consumers. As long as the first and second levels are well maintained, the third level is within the life of the oxygen generator and does not require maintenance.

Cooling and noise reduction system:

Heat dissipation and noise reduction have always been a contradiction. If you want to dissipate heat well, the exhaust holes should be larger, but the noise will also flow out, so good manufacturers will achieve a balance between these two points. .

Now technically use 2 kinds,

One is the compressor noise reduction and exhaust technology. You can imagine the motorcycle at home. The exhaust sound of a good motorcycle will be very small, while the roar of an ordinary motorcycle.

The second is to add a layer of sponge to the inner wall of the machine. You can imagine that when decorating your home, in order to sound insulation, the material used for the decoration door panel is filled with sound-absorbing cotton or PU, and the same is true for adding sound-proof cotton inside the machine.

4. Classification of oxygen generators

4. Classification of oxygen generators

The choice of oxygen generator can be divided into 2 categories, 1) health care type, 2) medical oxygen generator.

Health care type: It refers to the oxygen generator with an oxygen concentration of more than 90% and a flow rate of 1-2L per minute, mainly small desktops. There are also diffuse household and industrial oxygen generators similar to central air conditioners. If you want to know more, go to my knowledge directory to find them.

Medical oxygen generator:

Definition: The flow rate per minute is more than 3L, the oxygen concentration of the new machine is more than 90%, and it supports continuous 24 hours and 365 days of uninterrupted oxygen.

Supplementary explanation, the hospital is industrial oxygen production, the oxygen concentration reaches 99%, and the scale is 1-2L, but the actual oxygen output is much larger than the 1-2L of the household oxygen generator.

1) Ordinary desktop: 3-5L is more common, 8-10L is produced by many oxygen generator manufacturers, but because there is no medical device registration certificate, it cannot be sold online, which is a violation of regulations.

2) Plateau desktop and dispersion: Plateau desktop models have 3-10L oxygen generators. The picture below shows the oxygen concentration changes of a 5L oxygen generator in China under different air pressures at an altitude of 0-4000 meters.

If the oxygen concentration is 88% at an altitude of 4000 meters, the lower the altitude, the higher the oxygen concentration. If you are traveling by car, you are also particular about the power of the oxygen generator. If you are interested, you can privately message me.

Dispersion table has 10-50L, mainly used in institutions, hotels, factories, enterprises, office areas will be more, some families will also install.

3) Portable: 3-6 gears are the main ones. If you are traveling for health care for a few days in a short period of time, it is more convenient to buy a small bottle of oxygen cylinder and throw it away after inhaling it, or rent an oxygen cylinder locally.

If you have a disease or go out for a long time, you can consider 5-6 gears for portable, portable external battery, choose 3-6 gears for the machine, and use it for about 3-1 hours.

Various desktop oxygen generator manufacturers are gearing up, many have made prototypes, but the technology is not mature, and none of them have mass production.
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