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How to choose an oxygen machine? Can you buy a good product for cheap?


How to choose an oxygen machine? Can you buy a good product for cheap?

  With the improvement of living standards, household medical devices have sprung up into people's field of vision, such as blood pressure monitors, oximeters, nebulizers, etc. in the early days, and now oxygen machines, ventilators, etc. This is a good thing, for everyone It brings convenience and effectively reduces the cost of treatment. .

  However, with the opening of the network platform, the "profiteering" of medical devices and the relatively low entry threshold for products, any company wants to take a piece of the pie. More and more small factories and new factories emerge in an endless stream, and OEM products are endless. The whole industry is full of thorns and clutter. In order to meet the orders of sellers and consumers' preference for low prices, manufacturers have adopted blind price reductions. Of course, price reductions also mean lowering the quality on the basis of immature technologies. , the corresponding result is that the performance of the product itself and the after-sales service will also reduce the guarantee. I believe that many consumers have encountered it, and the product they bought suddenly has no after-sales service, because the manufacturer may have disappeared, and the merchant has no production maintenance. In terms of technology, the merchants can still quarrel if they are alive, but if the merchants are gone, they can only turn around helplessly, and there is no way to complain.

  Take the oxygen generator as an example: the price of Zhiwei Technology 5 L machine, a professional manufacturer of medical-grade household oxygen generators, ranges from about 3,000 to about 5,000. The price range is more about the difference in different configurations of different series. Take a look at the 5-liter high-flow, 6-liter and even 7-liter high-flow prices claimed on the Internet ranging from 400-1380. With such a large price difference, there are thousands of functions, and you can understand that there are tricks in it with a little use of your brain.
  Looking at the store record, [electrical products, health products, household products] and other stores are all selling oxygen generators. If you look at the manufacturer, either the factory has only been established for a year or two, or the information is simply unavailable. Do you have such a product? Dare to buy? If you look closely at the details page, you can also find that the oxygen concentration (purity) of this type of oxygen generator can only reach about 90% when it is 1-2L, which is the medical standard. However, the concentration is not flattering, and most users are hypoxic users. Inhaling such "oxygen" will not achieve the effect of oxygen therapy, and may delay the patient's condition. After all, the doctor will tell you how much to inhale at most. flow of oxygen

  Shandong Zhiwei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. After 21 years of hard work, the titanium discharge tube, the core component of the ozone generator, has obtained the national invention patent. Dry-type transformer technology and current-type IGBT power supply technology company. In 2005, it passed the 1S0 9001 quality system certification. In 2009, the Economic South City Science and Technology Bureau reviewed the establishment of Jinan Ozone Engineering Technology Research Center, and jointly established ozone denitration,with Shandong University Environmental Power College. Volatile Organic Compounds Treatment Research Center; Large-scale ozone generator research and development Ministry of Science and Technology is a key support enterprise.

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