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The role of ozone generator in the food workshop


The ozone generator can eliminate formaldehyde and bacteria in the air without causing secondary pollution. It is widely used in the field of disinfection. Germicidal disinfection. As we all know, ozone is a broad-spectrum, efficient and fast sterilization gas, which can kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Food workshop can be sterilized and kept fresh. Ozone has a strong killing effect on micro-mold and microorganisms, so the ozone generator can disinfect water with ozone. Treatment of food materials with ozone water can achieve antiseptic, anti-mold, disinfection odor, freshness and other effects ozone decomposition into oxygen, no residual pollution, quickly kill bacterial propagules, spores, fungi and all other pathogenic microorganisms. Food processing and packaging workshop can achieve sterilization, disinfection and purification. Improve the quality of food hygiene and extend the shelf life of food. Meet the requirements of national food processing hygiene. Food without residual pollution, but also to reduce the residues of pesticides and fertilizers in the raw materials of fruits and vegetables.

  1.Food factory workshop ozone disinfection.
Food factory. Pharmaceutical plants need to overflow submerge and disinfect the surface of raw materials and other objects to form a sterile raw material surface (exposed to high concentration of ozone gas). If fruits are cleaned and sterile, they can be made into juice concentrate. Ozone is used in aquatic products processing - prior to freezing and packaging - by spraying or overflow immersion with highly concentrated ozone water to perfectly control the sanitary index of aquatic products and avoid the problem of chlorine residual overload caused by the use of chlorides. * In liquid food processing (such as beverages, juices, etc.) and pharmaceutical plants, high concentration ozonation water can be used for the immersion and cleaning of pipes, production equipment and containers for effective sterilization. Bacteria and viruses on the surfaces of pipes, equipment and containers are flushed and killed with great ease and hassle. That is, no dead space is created and the emission and residue of harmful substances caused by the use of other chemical disinfectants are avoided, with no residue of ozone and secondary pollution.
  2. Ozone degradation of pesticides in food factory workshop.
The raw materials of food factory contain a certain amount of pesticides. It seriously affects the overall quality of food. Ozone can effectively and quickly decompose the residual pesticides to ensure the quality of food.
  3. Ozone water treatment in food factory workshop.
Ozone can be widely used in the process of algae prevention and sterilization of industrial water, aquaculture water, deodorization and sterilization in the process of sewage treatment. Water disinfection and sterilization is crucial in the food production process. Currently, the majority of food plants use pure water systems. If the water treated by the pure water system encounters a source of contamination, the water quality is difficult to ensure the needs of food production quality. Ozonation water can effectively and continuously ensure that the water quality meets the standards. At the same time, a certain concentration of ozonation water can be used as a bactericidal agent. Ozone in the entire preparation and use of the process without secondary pollution, greatly reducing the cost of food production.
  4.Food factory workshop ozone food preservation.
Ozone can be widely used in the storage, preservation and disinfection process of raw materials and finished products in the production and processing of refrigeration plants, food processing plants, livestock slaughterhouses and other units. Ozone has a good sterilization effect, and after a certain concentration of ozone treatment, it can effectively improve the preservation cycle of food. For some food raw materials, ozone can also keep fresh.
  5. Ozone in food factory workshop purifies and cleans the space.
Ozone can be widely used in hotel, hotel, bathroom, hospital, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. It can be widely used in public places. Toilet. Purification and cleaning of production site. In the food factory workshop, the air quality is necessarily related to the food quality. The dust and bacteria in the air are important factors affecting the quality of food. Ozone can effectively remove dust and bacteria.

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