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Sewage treatment ozone generator is mainly used


Sewage treatment ozone generator is mainly used

1. Ozone generator sterilization can be used for: sterilization and disinfection of upper and lower water, swimming pool water, drinking water, etc.; Food storage room sterilization: hospitals, schools, kindergartens, offices, food processing plants, pharmaceutical factories and other air purification; Sterilization and disinfection of appliances, sterilization and disinfection of hospital sewage and domestic sewage, etc.

2. The decolorization, deodorization and deodorization of the ozone generator of sewage treatment ozone machine can be used for: decolorization of printing and dyeing wastewater, fecal treatment, decolorization and deodorization of water supply and drainage, deodorization of farms, etc., purification and deodorization of sewers.

Water treatment ozone generator is used in reclaimed water reuse and sewage treatment projects, the engineering design, construction and installation are simple and reliable, and the effluent effect is good; Meet the national environmental protection emission standards. Treatment wastewater is generally used for sterilization and disinfection of primary and secondary biological treatment effluent, but other similar industries are also widely used, such as the use of ozone oxidation to remove biologically difficult or toxic compounds to improve the efficiency of wastewater biological oxidation units, in addition to reducing sludge production. It also removes organic and inorganic pollutants from industrial wastewater and disinfects it. In short: the use of ozone generator to degrade wastewater and sewage COD has an effect that other sewage treatment equipment cannot achieve.

Sewage treatment ozone machine ozone generator is a green technology that can reduce overall energy consumption, and chemical residues in water and ozone are very attractive to many plants. In recent years, plants such as municipal wastewater treatment plants and meat processing plants have invested in ozone systems to disinfect wastewater.

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