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How much area can a 10g ozone generator disinfect?


How much area can a 10g ozone generator disinfect?

  Recently, people often ask how much space can be disinfected by 5G and 10G ozone generators, or how much ozone output is needed for a 500 square meter workshop, and I will introduce it today.

  First of all, what is an ozone generator?

  An ozone generator is an equipment device used to generate ozone. Ozone is easy to decompose and can not be stored in situ, can be produced and used on site, ozone generator is widely used in tap water, sewage, industrial oxidation, space sterilization and other fields.

  Ozone is recognized worldwide as a broad-spectrum and highly effective bactericidal disinfectant. Its chemical properties are particularly active, it is a strong oxidant, which can quickly kill bacteria in the air at a certain concentration. No toxic residue, no secondary pollution is formed.

  What is ozone concentration?

Ozone is a mixture of gases whose concentration is usually expressed in terms of mass ratio and volume ratio. The mass ratio refers to how much mass of ozone is contained in a unit volume of mixed gas, commonly expressed in mg/L or g/m3. The volume ratio refers to the volume content or percentage of ozone per unit volume, expressed as percentages such as 2%, 5%, 12%, etc. The health industry often uses ppm to express ozone concentration, which is 1 ppm of ozone in the volume of the ozone mixture. Ozone concentration is an important indicator to measure the technical content and performance of the ozone generator. The higher the ozone output concentration under the same working conditions, the higher the quality. Then the 10g ozone machine refers to the ozone generator that outputs 10g of ozone gas per hour, the larger the gram, the greater the output per hour.

Third, how to calculate the use area of ozone sterilization?

According to the "GB 28232-2016 Ozone Generator Safety and Health Standard" and the latest national standards, the air ozone disinfection concentration is 10ppm≈20mg/m3, sterilization for 30 minutes, and the natural bacteria killing rate reaches more than 90%. Ozone has a killing effect on the microorganisms polluted on the surface of the article, but the effect is slow, generally requires 30ppm≈60mg/m3, relative humidity ≥ 70%, sterilization 60 ~ 120 minutes to achieve the disinfection effect.

How to calculate the area of ozone machine sterilization, according to normal logic, you must first understand that your area is 7 meters long, 4.5 meters wide and 3 meters high; Then volume = 7×4.5×3 = 94.5 cubic meters need grams of ozone, ozone production = 94.5×0.06 (ozone coefficient) = 5.67 grams According to the principle of taking large rather than taking small, a 5g ozone machine can be used. Then according to this formula backwards, the use area of the 10g ozone machine is about 150 cubic meters.

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