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Ozone purifiers


                                                                                                         Ozone purifiers

   The ozone purifier generates a large amount of plasma through high-frequency electrical discharges. High-energy electrons collide with gas molecules to produce physical and chemical reactions and activate the gas to produce a variety of free radicals and ozone. Aolan period experiments have seen that through the strong oxidation of ozone, it can instantly oxidise and degrade organic gases and kill pathogenic microorganisms at low concentrations.

  Ozone purifier advantages: ozone purifier has good purification effect on toxic gases (such as formaldehyde, nitrogen and sulphur oxides, etc.), bacteria and viruses in the air.
What exactly is the use of ozone in air purifiers?
  1, ubiquitous but extremely easy to decompose forest, ozone in the city is ubiquitous but its stability is very poor. Under normal temperature and pressure, it can automatically decompose into oxygen within a period of 90 minutes. If there is good ventilation, it will decompose even faster!
  2. It is an indisputable fact that ozone is a strong oxidising agent. But the premise of the problem is that a certain concentration must be met. Under normal circumstances, breathing ozone at concentrations below 0.1PPM can kill harmful bacteria in the air and will not pose a health risk, and has certain health benefits. However, once the concentration exceeds 0.1PPM, it will cause great damage to human health.
  3. What exactly is the role of ozone? Let's take an experiment as an example: adding 0.4mg of ozone to 1L of room temperature water can destroy 98% of the bacteria in the air. And when the concentration of ozone in the air reaches 0.15mg, its sterilising power is even more astounding: it can destroy 99% of bacteria within half an hour. It is precisely because it is a recognised highly effective air steriliser that can kill bacteria from the inside, but also through the external and chemical action of bacteria, to achieve the effect of sterilisation in the invisible.
  4. The high hazard of high concentrations of ozone! When the concentration of ozone reaches 0.1mg per cubic metre of uncirculated air, the human throat, nasal cavity and other organs will be strongly stimulated; and when the concentration reaches 0.2mg/m, there will be a strong stinging sensation in the eyes

Respiratory problems can be significantly aggravated, leading to diseases such as pulmonary oedema. A few years ago, human society had to face the reality that the ozone layer was being destroyed and if this situation persisted, it would gradually lose its function of blocking ultraviolet rays and protecting living beings, while when it gathered excessively in the troposphere, it would cause the leaves to oxidise, endangering the respiratory systems of humans and animals. So the seemingly powerful ozone can cause unavoidable damage to everything in the world as soon as the standard upper limit is exceeded!


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