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Heavy water light mud "need to change the sludge drying wastewater treatment at the right time


Sludge as a by-product of sewage treatment, has been despised, "heavy water light mud" phenomenon is widespread. As an environmental protection enthusiast, how much do you know about sludge desiccation wastewater? This article will share the "basic knowledge" about sludge.

Classification of sludge:

Sludge is the solid precipitated substance produced in sewage treatment process. Because the nature of all kinds of sludge changes greatly, classification is very necessary, and its treatment and disposal are not the same. According to its source, it can be divided into: municipal sludge, pipe network sludge, river and lake sludge, industrial sludge, in non-specific environment, sludge generally refers to municipal drainage sludge.

Two: How is sludge produced from wastewater?

Sludge is produced by a series of physical chemical and biological treatment processes, is the solid substance produced after sewage treatment at all levels, and is an inevitable byproduct of sewage treatment plants.

Three: What is sludge drying?

The so-called sludge drying wastewater refers to the condensed water produced by distillation of sludge in the drying process. These water can not be discharged directly, but also needs to be discharged after treatment. So far, sludge wastewater treatment situation is very serious, treatment of sludge wastewater is imminent!

Four: Is sludge harmful to human body?

In the process of sewage treatment, bacteria and most parasitic organisms remain in the sludge, and viruses can be adsorbed on the particles in the sewage, and deposited into the sludge with the precipitation of the particles.

Obviously, if the dehydrated sludge is disposed of improperly and enters the human food chain, it will inevitably lead to the spread of diseases.

Sludge disposal is the "last mile" of municipal sewage treatment. If the disposal is not proper, it will cause secondary pollution to the ecological environment.

Sludge drying treatment has become a sewage treatment plant around the topic, the environmental protection supervision in recent years continues to promote, many sewage plants have to take the process of rapid disposal of sludge to solve the sludge problem, and sludge drying because of fast treatment, obvious reduction, follow-up can be connected to a variety of disposal characteristics, has become a lot of sewage plants to solve the stock of sludge preferred solution.

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