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IE expo China 2023 ——Asia's flagship environmental protection exhibition


From April 19 to 21, IE EXPO, the most influential environmental technology exchange event in Asia, opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

The Expo brought together 2,407 global environmental protection enterprises, showing the cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements in the whole field of water and sewage treatment, water supply and drainage, solid waste treatment and disposal, air pollution control, contaminated site restoration, environmental monitoring and other industries.

Shandong Zhiwei Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Zhiwei Environmental Protection) was also invited to participate in, uphold the concept of "providing comprehensive and perfect solutions for ozone production", from the product research and development, production and sales services and other links, to provide customers with innovative and efficient integrated solutions.

Twenty years of dedicated research and vigorous progress

Zhiwei Environmental Protection has been engaged in the production of ozone generators and oxygen generators for more than 20 years. Backed by the strong knowledge support of Shandong University, Zhiwei Environmental Protection was recognized as a "high-tech enterprise" by Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Shandong Provincial Department of Finance, Shandong Provincial State Taxation Bureau and Shandong Provincial Local Taxation Bureau in 2009.

In 2014, the ozone oxidation and denitrification project of Shandong Huantai Tangshan thermoelectric 3*130t/h boiler, which the company cooperated with the School of Energy and Power of Shandong University, passed the acceptance of the environmental protection department, opening the curtain of the ozone oxidation and denitrification industry of coal-fired boilers

Quality is guaranteed, service is popular

Compared with similar products, the discharge chamber of the high-frequency modular ozone generator produced by our company adopts the modular structure. The independent power supply corresponds to the independent discharge area. When the discharge tube or power supply of a certain module fails, the power supply in this area will automatically protect the power outage, which will not affect the normal operation of other modules at all.

Germany Infineon IGBT high frequency power module, compared to the thyristor power supply adjustment range is wider, can be 10-100% adjustment; The load ADAPTS wider, and the equipment cannot run due to voltage changes caused by the start and stop of other high-power motors in the same power supply transformer.

Write a chapter with strength

In 2017, the company produced two 150KG/H ozone generators in Tangshan Yanshan Iron and Steel smoothly operation, this equipment is the largest single ozone generator in operation in China

Although the environmental Expo has come to an end, Zhiwei Environmental protection will not forget the original intention, and actively respond to the great strategic thought of clear water and green mountains is gold and silver mountains, open a new chapter for more cities, clean water, clean land, blue sky, and continue to work hard for the cause of China's environmental protection, but also welcome more friends to visit Shandong Zhiwei Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD

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