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What is the working principle of the ozone generator and its usage specifications


What is the working principle of the ozone generator and its usage specifications

The principle of corona discharge ozone generator: dry O2 or oxygen-containing gas passes through the arc discharge area composed of internal electrodes and external electrodes, and thousands of volts of high-frequency and high-voltage line energy are added to the charge-discharge area, which will be injected into the charge-discharge area. The regional feed gas is hydrolyzed to form active oxygen.

The basic principle of the electrolytic ozone generator is to use the electrochemical oxidation of water to form active oxygen. In water with coagulated fluorescent cationic electrolyte solution, water air can be oxidized into active oxygen with high current power at similar normal temperature.

Ozone Generator Specifications:

The ozone generator equipment is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic or ceramic fiber board. When handling, try to avoid skewing and impact, please handle it with care. If you move it by yourself, please place the device in a clean environment with good ventilation. Do not place the device in a humid place to prevent high-voltage parts from getting damp.

The power plug used by the equipment must have a wire connector, and non-professional technicians are prohibited from operating the equipment at will.

It is better for the equipment to be about one meter away from the wall, so as to ensure that the wind speed of the axial flow fan is passed through the ozone generator, and the active oxygen generated by the fuselage can be fully blown out, and it can also have the effect of cooling and prolonging life.

The effect of household ozone machine:

Improve water quality, remove heavy metals in the water such as manganese, iron, chromium, etc., eliminate odors and make the water clean and hygienic.

Purifies the air and dissolves various compounds. Remove oil fumes and other odors, and make the indoor air quality clean and fresh.

Boil the drinking water treated with active oxygen and make tea, the tea will be more mellow.

Clean up fish, meat, and vegetables to remove fishy smell, remove chemical fertilizer additives, increase the freshness of vegetables, and take it with peace of mind.

It can eliminate excessive chemical fertilizers, pesticides and heavy metals in rice, and make white rice that is refreshing and easy to digest.

Clothes can be cleaned with ozone water and can be bleached without secondary pollution.

Ozone generator design principles:

Electrodes are manufactured using high dielectric constant raw materials to improve dimensional accuracy.

Improve the cooling standard, choose water cooling or bipolar cooling.

Improve the cleanliness level of pneumatic valves.

Increase the driving frequency of the ozone power supply to reduce energy consumption.

The intelligent control system is selected, and the operating conditions are detected online.

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