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The company organizes employees to observe and learn on site


As part of this year's employee training, on March 17th, the company organized employees to visit and learn at the site of a project of Zhiwei Environmental Protection in Jinan. All the staff of the sales department attended this activity. The customer expressed satisfaction with both the quality of the project and the company's quality management system. As a product development unit, we will continue to follow the standard construction.

On the day of the visit, the weather was bleak and cold, but the construction staff still braved the cold to stick to the front line of the site, with high morale and busy schedule, and the whole site was a busy scene. Each project site management is orderly, civilized construction standard, from the whole to the details reflect a higher level of management. Each project leader led the team to visit the project site and introduced the overall situation and construction situation of the project in detail. Project manager site to explain to you oxygen generator, ozone generator and other professional knowledge, so that we have a further understanding of ozone generator construction. Visitors have said that this visit not only experienced the construction of the frontline personnel not afraid of hardship not afraid of tired dedication, learned a lot of professional knowledge of ozone, more feel the company for engineering construction strictly in accordance with the company's quality of construction standards, strict quality checkpoints, pay close attention to safety production.

Through the field training and explanation, the new staff's cognition of ozone generator system was greatly deepened, and the knowledge learned in books was concretized. In addition, the field work site visits and learning also enable employees to deepen the understanding of the importance of safety production, a more solid set of safety awareness. I believe they will apply what they have learned to improve internal management. Constantly explore new technology, new practices, expand market business, increase market share, improve the company's popularity and recognition.

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