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Cold weather, integrated sewage treatment equipment is how fast delivery?


Affected by the cold air, the temperature dropped significantly, many areas of the road has frozen.

Near the end of the year, Zhiwei environmental protection received integrated sewage treatment equipment orders have not decreased, so the cold weather, inevitably let some customers worry, ordered sewage treatment equipment can be delivered on time?

In fact, customers can rest assured that each set of integrated sewage treatment equipment produced by Zhiwei environmental protection can arrive as promised. The following is the secret of zhiwei environmental protection rapid delivery.

In order to ensure that the equipment is delivered to customers on time, Zhiwei environmental Protection arranges the production department to speed up the production of equipment in the daytime, and arranges the delivery at night and in the early morning when the traffic conditions are good.

At 10 o 'clock in the evening, I believe that we are already enjoying the warmth of the bed. When you walk into Zhiwei Environmental Protection Changshu production base, you will find that the lights are brightly lit and the integrated sewage treatment equipment is neatly placed and ready for delivery.

The small purification tank equipment is tightly included with special winding film to prevent damage due to turbulence in transportation; Larger tonnage FRP integrated sewage treatment equipment to reduce safety risks will use customized straps to fix it, in addition to the bottom of the equipment will be placed load-bearing plate.

Truck drivers from professional logistics companies, and our company has a long-term cooperation, large and small vehicles in our factory orderly loading, the integrated sewage treatment equipment on schedule to deliver to the customer's destination.

Low temperature affects the construction progress of many domestic sewage treatment projects. If the integrated sewage treatment equipment is placed outdoors for a long time under the influence of rain and snow, its quality will also be affected. We hope that customers can do a good job in receiving goods, checking goods and taking appropriate protective measures.

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