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Ozone generator: restriction factors affecting the effect of ozone disinfection


  In practice, there are many limiting factors that affect ozone disinfection, mainly in the following aspects:


  1, the amount of ozone. In a workshop, if the total amount of ozone is not up to the predetermined value, so the ozone concentration in this workshop is not up to the standard requirements, disinfection effect must be affected. In the accounting of ozone into the amount, it is necessary to consider the ozone loss in the transport process, the occupation of other space, leakage of doors and Windows and other comprehensive elements, together, it is also necessary to ensure that the selected ozone generator can reach the design requirements of ozone output value. If the output value of ozone accounting is wrong, it is good to add more, but it will increase the cost of the buyer. The larger the amount of ozone is, the more expensive the machine and equipment will be. Besides, each sterilization will increase the unnecessary power consumption. If adding less, it will also waste power consumption, ozone sterilization itself only half an hour to an hour, but because the amount of ozone adding is too little, so the boot time is extended to two or three hours, and then the sterilization effect is not ideal, long time boot will also affect the service life of ozone disinfection machine. Ozone machine is used for less than a few months often go wrong, many later complications.


  2, ozone into the uniformity. In the workshop to be disinfected, it is necessary to ensure that all parts of the ozone concentration can meet the design specifications, otherwise, in the area of low ozone concentration, disinfection will be poor. Therefore, in the design of disinfection scheme, it is necessary to carefully consider the workshop structure, ozone injection method, ozone disinfection machine function and other factors. In particular, when choosing an independent ozone disinfection machine, it is necessary for the ozone disinfection machine to have a strong distance delivery capacity of ozone, otherwise the distance ozone disinfection machine is far away from the local ozone arrival, the disinfection effect can not be ensured. This needs to find a pair of professional ozone machine manufacturers to do the scheme, more professional manufacturers will give more comprehensive parameters and use cases for reference.


  3, ozone disinfection moment. After ozone concentration arrives in workshop requirement, if disinfect time is insufficient, disinfect effect also can be affected, general disinfect time should exceed 5 minutes above. However, it should not be too long. If the disinfection time is too long, the ozone delivery capacity of the ozone disinfection machine is problematic. Generally, normal sterilization should be controlled between half an hour and one hour. The greater the air volume of ozone, the better the effect. The higher the ozone is, the faster the sterilization. Ozone is heavier than air. Therefore, it is required to transmit high ability and spread fast. More than one hundred cubic air sterilization ozone outlet is better than φ30mm. Ozone is easily differentiated. Therefore, rapid sterilization and disinfection are required. It can save power consumption and meet the action.


  4, the function of ozone disinfection machine. If the stability of ozone disinfection machine is poor, after the use of a certain time, ozone output value will be sharply reduced, will seriously affect the disinfection effect. Together, in the disinfection of large length of the workshop, the use of independent ozone disinfection machine is necessary to have a strong, distant ozone transport capacity. Generally used for air sterilization ozone disinfection machine will use air-cooled all-in-one machine, water treatment sterilization will choose water-cooled type.

  5. Others. Workshop environment temperature, humidity, dust soil, the number of equipment, sealing degree, air cleanliness, debris accumulation share, etc., will affect the disinfection effect of ozone.

The above is the ozone generator disinfection effect is affected by the reason, I believe that we have already understood, want to know more information, please pay attention to our official website, we will have customer service regularly update the relevant information, can also immediately contact our business manager, he will solve all your questions!

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