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VPSA oxygen generator
  • VPSA oxygen generatorVPSA oxygen generator
  • VPSA oxygen generatorVPSA oxygen generator

VPSA oxygen generator

VPSA oxygen generator Product flow rate 200-10000Nm³/h. 0VPSA pressure swing adsorption uses the method of vacuuming to reduce the partial pressure of the adsorbed component, so that the adsorbed component desorption under negative pressure. VPSA process regeneration effect is good, product yield is high, the system runs stably. VPSA oxygen machine to lithium molecular sieve or calcium molecular sieve as adsorbent.


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Product Description

  The main equipment of VPSA oxygen production includes: Roots blower, wet Roots vacuum pump, adsorber, oxygen buffer tank, switching valve, instrument control system, electrical control system, instrument air system and other nine parts.

  After the raw material air is filtered to remove mechanical impurities, it enters the air cooler after being added by the Roots blower and is cooled to 30~40°C. It enters from the lower part of the adsorber. In order to reduce noise, mufflers are installed at the inlet and outlet of the Roots blower.

  There are two adsorbents inside the adsorber. The bottom layer of the bed is equipped with 13x molecular sieves, which are used to adsorb impurities such as moisture, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons in the air. The middle layer of the bed is equipped with L molecular sieve, which is used for the separation of oxygen and chlorine in the air.

  After the air enters the adsorber and passes through the 13× molecular sieve bed, impurities such as moisture and carbon dioxide in the air are adsorbed by the molecular sieve. When the clean air enters the L molecular decoration bed, the air in the air is adsorbed. A large amount of unadsorbed oxygen and a small amount of entrained gas flow out from the outlet end of the adsorber with the gas flow, that is, product gas. When the oxygen purity of the product began to decline, it indicated that the chlorine adsorption capacity of u molecular sieve reached saturation. At this point, stop air supply to the adsorber. Then the adsorber is depressurized, and the airflow flows out from the lower part of the adsorber. As the bed pressure decreases, the atmosphere adsorbed by u molecular sieve is desorbed, and the desorbed gas is pumped out by the Roots vacuum pump and discharged into the atmosphere. When the adsorber reaches a certain degree of vacuum, the molecular sieve recovers its adsorption capacity.

  In order to obtain oxygen products continuously, there must be at least one more adsorber: at the same time, one adsorber adsorbs oxygen, and the other adsorber is pressurized or vacuum desorbed and regenerated, and used alternately. The switching of working conditions between adsorbers is realized by pneumatic switching. According to the set time program, the PLC outputs electrical signals to control the electromagnetic reading action. The solenoid valve is connected to the instrument air source. After the solenoid valve acts, the instrument air enters the pneumatic switching valve cylinder to open or close the pneumatic switching valve.

  The product gas flowing out of the upper part of the adsorber first enters the oxygen buffer tank, and then enters the suction port of the oxygen compressor. The oxygen buffer tank functions to balance the product gas pressure.

Product Description
zhiwei oxygen cylinder filling plant is is consisted of screw air compressor, refrigerant dryer and filters, air buffer tank, VPSA oxygen generator, oxygen buffer tank, oxygen booster and cyclinder filling station.it can produce oxygen 93±3% purity and fill in cylinders.as a complete system, oxygen cylinder filling system can be widely used for oxygen gas station and hospitals.

Product Name
VPSA Oxygen Generator
Oxygen Purity
Oxygen Production
Skid Mounted & Container Type
Main Part
Air compressor,Compressed air purification system, Oxygen generator, Filling station,etc
Application Field
Medical, Industrial combustion, Sewage treatment, Aquaculture, etc.

Detailed Images
The core components adopt international brands with high quality
Doer Oxygen equipment can be modularized, skid-mounted and containerized. Quick installation and easy relocation.
Full Automation,All systems are designed for un-attended operation and automatic oxygen demand adjustment. simple operation, one key to start, one key to stop.
Unique lithium molecular sieve, more stable oxygen purity
The medical molecular sieve PSA Medical Oxygen Plant applies the international advanced pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology to form a rapid cycle of pressurization adsorption and depressurization desorption under the conditions of normal temperature and low pressure.

High-definition resolution screen, data display is clearer
All relevant system components are reasonably configured and the failure rate is low. Optional oxygen (nitrogen) device flow, automatic purity adjustment system, remote control system.
Intelligent soft cycle switching, purity and flow can be adjusted within a certain range.
Q1: Are you manufacturer or Trade Company?
We are the manufacturer of Oxygen Generator, nitrogen generator and liquid nitrogen generator, founded in 2010.
Q2: What's the order oxygen generator process?
a. Inquiry---provide us all clear requirements.
b. Quotation---official quotation form with all clear specifications.
c. Contract confirmation---provide correct contract details.
d. Payment terms
e. Production
f. Shipping
g. Installation and commissioning
Q3: What terms of payment you use?
T/T, L/C etc.
Q4: What certification do you have?
we have ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO45001, CE and many patent certifications.
Q5: How to get a prompt quotation of Oxygen Generator?
When you send the inquiry to us, pls kindly send it with below technical information.
1) O2 flow rate: _____Nm3/hr( or How many cylinders do you want to fill per day(24hours))
2) O2 purity: _____%
3) O2 discharge pressure: _____Bar
4) Voltages and Frequency : ______V/PH/HZ
5) Application:
6) Project Location

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