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Ozone generator standards for ozone concentration in water treatment


Ozone generator standards for ozone concentration in water treatment

At present, ozone generators are widely used in water treatment, and the following is a brief summary of ozone concentration knowledge:

1. The solubility of ozone in water applications is between 0.1mg/L ~ 10mg/L, the low value is used as the minimum concentration required for water disinfection and purification, and the high value is used as the concentration value that can be achieved by "ozone water disinfectant".

2. The international conventional standard for ozone purification of tap water is a solubility value of 0.4mg/L maintained for 4 minutes, that is, a CT value of 1.6.

3. The residual ozone concentration in the water is maintained at 0.1 ~ 0.5 mg / l, and the effect is 5 ~ 10 minutes to achieve the purpose of disinfection.

4. Ozone water disinfection and sterilization is rapid, and ozone disinfection occurs instantly. Once the ozone concentration in clean water is reached, the bacteria are killed within 0.5~1 minute, the ozone concentration reaches 4mg/L, and the inactivation rate of hepatitis B virus is 100% within 1 minute.

When the ozone concentration in the water reaches 0.43mg/L at 5.20 °C, it can kill 100% of E. coli, and only 0.36mg/L can be killed at 10 °C.

6. When the ozone concentration is 0.25 ~ 38 mg / l, it only takes a few seconds or minutes to completely inactivate hepatitis A virus (HAV).

7. When the solubility of ozone in mineral water is 0.4~0.5mg/L, it can meet the sterilization and quality requirements. The reasonable ozone dosage is 1.5~2.0mg/l

8. The treatment of bottled water should reach the ozone solubility value of 0.3~0.5mg/L, and the amount of ozone should meet the production of 2g ozone in one cubic meter of water. As a matter of experience, ozone concentrations are higher than 8 mg/l

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